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April Newsletter

Welcome to the April Edition of Epping Area MG Owners Club Newsletter


The weather is starting to pick up now and hopefully some real sunshine is not too far off, we can wake our cars from hibernation and get out and about.


The club bowling night went well, if a bit loud for my old ears, everyone had a good time and the food was reasonable too. The only bad bit of the evening was on the way home, it had been snowing a bit and some of the roads were very slippery, Josh was unfortunate enough to put his Midget on its side. Fortunately, a local farmer helped him push it back onto its wheels and he left it on someone’s drive overnight. Dave and Paul helped recover it next morning and the damage wasn’t as bad as it could have been, the drivers mirror was sheared of and the soft top was damaged, with only a few minor dents.


That parking space was a bit narrow but I knew I could get it in                 Batman or is it Robin to the rescue

 2018-03-17-PHOTO-00000066                                         2018-03-18-PHOTO-00000117


We’re looking forward to Drive it Day which will hopefully see plenty of classics on the road.


Hopefully we'll see you on Wednesday at the Travellers Rest.
Bob and the Committee