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August Newsletter

Welcome to the August Edition of Epping Area MG Owners Club Newsletter


****** Next club meeting 1th August at the Travellers Friend ******


July started with a visit by a number of members to the Maldon Classic Car show. There was a bit of a queue to get in but once there an enjoyable day was had by all. There was plenty of interest for everyone, lots of cars, a reasonable number of stalls and a walk down by the river to cool down.


The 7th saw us at the Blackmore Music festival, this is a two-yearly event alternating with the village fayre. We managed to set up a gazebo which gave us some respite from the sun and a place to enjoy the refreshments, food and of course the music. The event was extremely well attended due to the good weather and the 2 bars were doing their best to cope with demand. There was slight concern later in the day as stocks started to run low but I think everyone got what they wanted. The music was excellent from some talented people on a very professional stage. There was a bit of excitement at about 10:00 when the stage went dark, it would appear someone had forgotten to fill the generator, this was quickly resolved, and the show went on. A minor disappointment was the fireworks had to be cancelled on safety grounds due to the dry grass and fields.


The day out to Frinton had to be cancelled due to a number of members unfortunately dropping out at short notice, Ann was advised not to travel for 24hrs due to having anaesthetic the previous day, this was a shame as a good time was had by all the last time we went there.


There are several events in August of which we’re currently planning to visit Much Hadham, we can discuss other possible days out on Wednesday.


After weeks of glorious sunshine, the weather has now changed, it’s gone from almost being too hot to put the top down to being too wet. That’s English weather for you but we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Hopefully we’ll see you on Wednesday at the Travellers Friend.




Bob and the committee