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December Newsletter

Welcome to the December Edition of Epping Area MG Owners Club Newsletter


Saturday the 3rd November saw a number of members meeting at The Travellers Friend, with several people partaking of what looked to be an excellent cooked breakfast prior to a little trip out. The idea was that the lads would visit the De Havilland Aircraft Museum while the ladies had a bit of retail therapy in St Albans. I can’t answer for the ladies, but I know the lads had an interesting walk around what is an important site for aviation history, being the site where the Mosquito was designed and the first prototypes built. They have an interesting array of aircraft and associated items, one of my favourites being a Horsa glider, this is a bit like a flying garden shed and only increases my admiration for the people that flew in these.


The 10th November saw Andrew, Paul, Trevor and Dave at the Classic Motor Show at the NEC, lots of stands apparently but not that many dedicated to MG’s but I’m sure they had a good day out.


Saturday 1st December saw a good number of members attending our Christmas evening out at Hunters Meet, I’m sure everyone had a good time. An excellent meal was followed by some tasty desserts after which those able burned off a few calories on the dance floor. The music had a bit too much bass for my liking, but then I don’t listen to much music so what do I know. Dean celebrated a significant birthday and after we’d sung Happy Birthday, the staff presented him with a cake. Overall, I think it was a good evening at a good venue.

 Hunters Meet 1      Hunters Meet 4

Hunters Meet 7     Hunters Meet 8



Hunterss meet Dean Bday

                                                                                                    Happy birthday Dean



 Hopefully we’ll see a good number of you on Wednesday




Bob and the committee