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June Newsletter

Welcome to the June Edition of Epping Area MG Owners Club Newsletter


****** Next club meeting 6th June at the Travellers Friend, Annual AGM ******


Battlesbridge on the 13th May was an enjoyable day but the number of cars was down by half on previous years, no doubt because of the torrential rain the day before and predicted rain on the day. Paul and Andrew seemed to be doing well on their autojumble stall with Tracey doing an excellent job with the bacon rolls and tea. Quex Park on the 10th June is the next club day out, it’s the first time going to this event.

Other events we’re looking to do as a club are:-


               Sunday 1st July The Maldon Classic Car Show

               Sunday 22nd July Picnic on the beach at Frinton

               Sunday 12th August - Cranleigh Classic Car Show & Autojumble


Although not specifically a club event some people have expressed interest in the Blackmore Music Festival on Saturday 7th July. The event is free and very well attended, food is available and drinks can be got from the Sports and Social club. The event runs from 12:00 to 23:30 and is like the Picnic in the Park festival.


We’re looking to possibly order a batch of Epping Area T shirts, anyone interested in one could you please let Tracey or Lisa know or drop me an email. We need to see if there’s sufficient interest to make up an order.


It’s that time of year again when I have to ask you to put your hands in pockets as subs are due. We’ve decided the rate for this year will be £10 per person. There’ll be a breakdown of the club finances at the AGM


The Christmas party is planned to be early December and at Hunters Meet. It was felt this was a popular venue and offered good value for money. Pre-Christmas was chosen to make a change from previous years and hopefully get people in the spirit of things before Christmas as opposed to post Christmas wind down.


The observant amongst you will noticed the address of our monthly meetings was correct in this month’s magazine. There was a technical problem whereby every time I changed the address although it confirmed it had accepted the change as soon as I logged out it reverted back to the old address.


Hope to see you on Wednesday



Bob and the committee