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May Newsletter


Welcome to the May Edition of Epping Area MG Owners Club Newsletter


The 14th of April saw 7 cars attend Brookland MG Era day. The weather was reasonably kind to us if a bit cool. Yours truly had an interesting start to the day when I stopped a mile from home to get some petrol. No problem filling up the TF but when I went to get in the alarm went off and no amount of pressing the key fob would deactivate it. Disconnecting the battery for a short while made no difference, I didn’t have the EKA so that wasn’t an option. I tried calling daughter, who was still in bed when we left, but couldn’t get a response. I was just about to start jogging back home when she answered the phone, within 5 minutes she was there with the spare key. Alarm now deactivated I went to start the car only to find the battery had decided it didn’t want to play. Fortunately, my super-sized jump leads made short work of that. Now on our way but running late we phoned ahead to tell the rest not wait. We made up a bit of time but pasted the rendezvous point about 10 minutes after the rest should have left so didn’t stop. It turned out they were late leaving and we got there about 20 minutes ahead of the rest

The 28th saw a number of cars take part in Drive it Day, unfortunately I couldn’t take part due to other commitments

The weather has turned a bit cool but that won’t deter us, just put the flying jacket on and turn the heater up (if you have one).  


Hopefully we’ll see you on 6th Feb at the Travellers Friend.




Bob and the Committee