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October Newsletter

Welcome to the October newsletter


 A view from the bar

A view from the bar at the Hoilday Inn Southend Airport


Since the last newsletter we've had a couple of events, the first being the International Autumn Weekender event organised by the Essex MGF/TF Register of the MG Car Club. This was held over the weekend of the 9th and 10th of September and 6 cars from Epping Area attended the event.


This was an extremely well organised event attended by approximately 90 vehicles, it started at British Legends garage near Southend Airport and entailed driving all over Essex over 2 days. To avoid lots of vehicles following one another there were 7 different routes which all visited all the locations but in a different order. The real genius though, was instead of using traditional tulip maps, for each location there was a set of grid coordinates. All you needed to do was enter the coordinates on a satnav, set it to take the shortest route and follow the directions. This not only took you down some interesting small roads, not necessarily the same roads as other drivers, to exactly the correct location but it also took care of any missed junctions by re-routing you. It also meant the co-driver was able to enjoy the scenery rather than having their heads buried in a map.


At each location there was either a clue to find or a simple game/quiz to play. Saturday night was spent in the Holiday Inn at Southend Airport which the organisers had arranged a good deal with the hotel. This all made for an enjoyable but not too tiring weekend that I would highly recommend if they do it again.


Battlesbridge on the 24th saw 6 members’ vehicles attending and was an enjoyable event with good weather. I (stupidly) had double booked the day and attended Duxford with a group of Air Cadets, it was a good day but I think I’d rather have been at Battlesbridge.


For those of a technical mind Michael Beswick has written another good article in the club magazine, this give hints and tips and tuning procedures for SU carburettors. Probably not one for the ladies but the lads should enjoy it (oops was that sexist?) :-)


Lisa is organising lots of things, these include:-


A fireworks night in Southend on the 28th October, it had been thought that we could have fish and chip on the seafront afterwards but Lisa has found a possible alternative at the Park Inn Radisson Palace opposite the pier (click here for the menu) We can discuss this on Wednesday to finalise the plan.


The possibility of a Xmas dinner at the Woodman for the December meeting, it would be about £14 a head. Please let Lisa know if you’re interested on Wednesday.


Xmas market at Rochester Nov 26th. There’s normally a Park & Ride running from Chatham Dockyard as yet details to be finalized. For a possible meal on the way back I’ve spoken to the manager of The Wharf in Dartford. This is just before the Dartford Crossing, it’s easy to get to and sits on the side of a lake (albeit it’ll be dark)


Xmas party Jan 13th, all accommodation has booked and the balance of £29.50 will be due in November at club meeting, cash or cheque. 29 people are going


Upcoming events


Saturday 28th October Firework night Southend

Sunday 26th November Xmas market at Rochester

Wednesday 6th December (Club night) possible Xmas dinner at the Woodman

Saturday 13th January Xmas party


Due to limitations with the website I’m changing a few things around. The Previous Outings page will change so that to view pictures from previous outings, when you enter the page you’ll need to click on the link at the top of the page for the event you wish to view. To get back to the top of the page you can either use your home button or click on the home button at the top of each event pictures.


******  The next club night is Wednesday 4th October at the Woodman Pub.*******