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September Newsletter

Since the last newsletter we’ve had our first meeting at the new venue, the Woodman Pub. We also had a very enjoyable day out at Frinton.


The day out at Frinton started at the usual Little Chief on the A12, the weather was fine and it was a pleasant, uneventful drive to Frinton. On arrival the cars were parked on the main road above the beach and everyone made their way down to the tiny beach area, fortunately the tide had just passed its highest point so as the day progressed the beach area got larger. By mid afternoon there was enough beach to hold a “friendly” rounders competition. My reporter tells me everyone had a good time but some people weren’t playing quite as fairly as they should have, your cards have been marked.


Malcolm and myself tried our hands at kite flying, I think the most accurate description of our efforts would be, very poor, could do better. In our defence I think it was the wind that was at fault rather than our abilities (but then I would say that).


Click on the picture below for a 360 degree view

 Frinton 2017



While at Frinton the committee took the opportunity to canvas peoples thoughts and feelings on the new club night venue. This was in the form of a short survey that 13 couples took the time to complete.


The results were as follows:-

Did you like The Woodman as a venue?                                              5  YES        6  NO

Did you prefer it to Blackmore Sports and Social Club?                    6  YES        5  NO

Did you feel it was a suitable venue?                                                    3  YES        8  NO

If you ate there did you feel the menu was suitable?                      Of the people that ate there they all liked the menu


2 couples hadn’t attended the Woodman and so couldn’t comment.


Regarding the question about which charity to support, we hadn’t realised that the previous committee had already spoken to Helen Rollason, we therefore plan to support this one this year and carry peoples suggestions and comment forward to next year.


Upcoming events


Sunday 3rd September

Frankie's Classic Car & Bike Fest with Vintage Market  (by the time you read this the event will past) 


Sunday 17th September

Colchester Classic Vehicle show


Sunday 24th September

Battlesbridge 31st Grand Motorbilia Day £10 per car, 



******  The next club night is Wednesday 6th September at the Woodman Pub and subs are now due.*******