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July Newsletter


Welcome to the July Edition of Epping Area MG Owners Club Newsletter


Quex Park on the 10th June was a resounding success, there were some interesting cars and the (very) big screen film showing of the Italian Job and The Love Bug made for an interesting day. A walk around the house and museum was also good, the dioramas of African wildlife were interesting and although done with the right intensions for their time (over a hundred years ago) were a bit spooky by today’s standards. The trip there and back was uneventful except for the Dartford tunnel being the usual pain, the only bit of excitement was pulling out of the park, it’s a blind exit but there are 2 mirrors to help you, the warning “Objects in the mirror may be closer than you think” took on a new meaning.



 Quex park 10th June

Quex Park lineup



Maldon was a fantastic day out, the entire park was filled with cars, there were a good number of stalls and plenty to walk around and see. The weather was wall to wall sunshine and very hot, there was a pleasant breeze down by the water and the trees provided a welcome relief from the sun. Our gazebo was a bit shaky but it held together until the afternoon. Trevor and myself went to look at the shelter in the Jaguar area and we both agreed that’s the sort of thing we could do with. 



For those of you wondering about the mystery picture in this month Enjoying MG newsletter, it needs to be turned 90 degrees anticlockwise with the caption “Good job the sun’s now here as Josh can’t handle the white stuff” something went wrong between upload and publication.


Regards Bob and the committee.